Apple MacBook 13.3 Inch (MC207/A, White)

Apple MacBook (MC207/A): speed and equipment When it comes to graphics and processor performance, the MacBook has adjusted the smallest MacBook Pro: it comes a 2.26 GHz faster core-2-Duo processor from Intel to the usage and the same type NVIDIA GeForce 9400 m graphics card. This combination allows the full HD playback through the mini DisplayPort (with adapter) on a… Read more →

Sony VAIO VGN-NW 11Z / S Multimedia Notebook with Blu-Ray Drive

speed: Sony VAIO VGN-NW 11Z / S The beginner’s model of the VAIO series works with Intel-Core 2 Duo processor T6500, clock frequency: 2.1 GHz. Which provided Office programs and software for image, sound and video editing for proper pace. Facilities : Wi-Fi n standard, Bluetooth, webcam In the Internet you can access with the VAIO wireless fast n-standard or… Read more →

Palm Pre

Video on the subject of A simple iPhone copy: it convinced Palm Pre in the test with balanced operating concept and full Internet capability. Palm Pre: new iPhone opponents facilities The homemade, linuxbasierten operating system WebOS Palm wants to start in the Smartphone market. The Palm Pre is a 600-megahertz processor with 256 megabytes memory. For your data, movies, and… Read more →

Cell Phones for Seniors: Easy to Use and No Frills

Bluetooth, UMTS, HSDPA, GPS mobile younger fans juggle confidently with such abbreviations, some (mainly) older people understand only station. You want a cell phone with large keys, loud ring tones and legible texts in the display instead of great extras. Because Nokia, Samsung & co. do not offer such devices, smaller producers fill the market gap. COMPUTER image has tested… Read more →

Make Cell Phones Safe for Children

It must be with the appropriate instructions no special children phone you make almost any normal mobile safe for children. With the correct settings, you protect your child from cost traps and the wrong use: Restrict calls to permanently stored numbers, about your or the emergency call 112. partial can be also international calls or block incoming calls. Lock the… Read more →

Cashless Paying with Your Mobile Phone

There is one curved around for hours on end, has finally found a free parking lot and then lacking the wherewithal for the greedy machine. Familiar to you? In some cities can easily avoid the problem: simply login to the mobile parking, call the appropriate number already the parking fee is paid automatically. Payment by mobile phone is handy, but… Read more →

Medion GoPal P4635: Navigation with Live Traffic Info

To the current traffic situation to determine takes the GSM module storage information contrary to, the NAVTEQ traffic (NAVTEQ offers geo data for navigation) makes available. They come from various sources. These include traffic information from 16 regional data centres and around 5,000 induction loops on motorways, as well as 4,000 infra-red detectors on motorway bridges. In addition transaction data… Read more →

Sony Ericsson C903

Photo quality The Sony Ericsson C903 is not suitable for quick snapshots. The shutter lag is less than one second. The photo quality was only mediocre. The camera offers effective 4.6 Megapixels. Shots were altogether too pixelated and coarse color noise. After all, there’s a photo light for shooting in the dark. Internet & E-Mail You surf with DSL speed… Read more →