What is Hybrid Tablet PC?

This guide is intended to introduce you to the different elements to look at before buying a hybrid tablet. Normally, and adding your price test, you should be armed to you by in the jungle of the hybrids available.   In addition, we released our selection of the best hybrids Windows that we update regularly. With hybrids classified by price and size, this selection… Read more →

Plus Size Tablets

At the IFA in Berlin 2016 show, Lenovo has created the surprise by unveiling its new touch screen tablet in large size, fruit of three years of development in the greatest secrecy. The Lenovo Yoga Book will revolutionize the world of digital tablets: its touchpad allows you to take notes or make sketches using a pen directly on the tablet or… Read more →

Cheapest Tablet Online Shopping

iPad Pro, mini iPad 4, Galaxy Tab S2, Google Pixel C, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, such are the references that occupy the high end of the tablets. Terminals overpriced even a year ago, their prices have dropped since. However, they still flirt with the bar of 500 euros, which is still a rate high for a lot of us. Read more →

Tablet PC for Maternity

Announced as a console hybrid that can do the same office of console lounge and handheld console, the Nintendo Switch, formerly NX, has been the subject of much speculation. The video aired last week by Nintendo raises any doubts: it is a tablet. This console tablet will go on sale from March 2017, with notably the game “The Legend of Zelda:… Read more →

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review

Test and review of the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855 Tablet: a format alluring to the nomads on Windows 10 Here is the new Dell coming 8 Pro (model 5855), a touchscreen tablet running Windows 10 and offering a 8 inches diagonal. This Dell coming 8 Pro is available for purchase for a few weeks now, note that a first version of the… Read more →

Retro Tablet

The brand Chinese, a subsidiary of the Huawei group, diversified its offer offer a retro Tablet: Honor Pad 2. Also note the output of a connected Watch: Watch S1. Honor had so far mainly focused on the market of smartphones with some success, especially for the 7 Honor. While Honor 8 was released at the end of August, the Chinese brand continues… Read more →

Dell Latitude 11 Tablet

Today we offer a test of a Tablet from Dell. This tablet is the Dell Latitude 11 5000 series 2 in 1. We presented this tablet in January 2016 during his presentation by teams from Dell at CES in Las Vegas. This Dell Latitude 11 5000 is designed tor eplace the Dell coming Pro 11 series (which we had already tested and which was particularly excited, find… Read more →

Tablet Technical Specifications

We regularly receive questions about the technical features we provide in our various tests. These items will allow you to determine the quality and performance of your tablet. Via this quick summary, we will try to enlighten you to decrypt these different data. Processor The faster your processor is going to be powerful, the better it will be for your Tablet. stand in 2… Read more →

How to Choose a Tablet

Tablets 2012 buying guide: keys to good choose its touchscreen Tablet   Before you buy a Tablet, a whole bunch of aspects are to consider. Whether you’re interested in video games, surfing the Web, reading digital content or even read it on a Tablet several information are needed. Here is therefore a quick overview of the different criteria to be taken… Read more →