Unitymedia: More Smart Phones And New Mobile Tariffs

The cable operator remodels its mobile Tarifportolio and expanding its range of smartphones and tablets. There are some advantages for cable customers. The cable network operator Unitymeda revised its mobile tariffs and extend the matching hardware offer. In stores and on the website of Unitymedia there is now a greater selection of smartphones and tablets. “With our attractive portfolio with… Read more →

OnePlus 3T: Cheap High End Smartphone Accelerates

The Android Smartphone OnePlus 3 offered more facilities than most competitors for 400 euros. Now the Chinese manufacturer supplying a slightly improved 3 T, which also costs more. The Chinese manufacturer of OnePlus has unveiled the Android Smartphone OnePlus 3T, a successor of the OnePlus 3 improved in details. With a fast processor and large memory pushes the 3T in… Read more →

Distracted By Smartphone Game: Prison For Dispatchers From Bad Aibling

Many had expected a sentence, and so it was also. Ten months after the collision of two trains in Bavaria the accused is convicted, inter alia for negligent manslaughter. After the disastrous train wreck of Bad Aibling, with 12 dead, the dispatcher is sentenced to three and a half years in prison. The railway workers is guilty of manslaughter and… Read more →

Iphone: Apple Makes More Profit Than All Smartphone Industry

Apple has a deleted according to an investment bank for the first time over 100% of the profits of the entire Smartphone sector, since other manufacturers lose money. Nearly 104 percent of the profit of the Smartphone industry accounts for Apple. This from an estimate of the Investment Bank BMO Capital markets to the Smartphone market in the third quarter… Read more →

Digiscoping: Photograph Taken With Your Smartphone To The Scope

Of ambitious photographers, the Smartphone is often ridiculed, but there are areas where the simple cell phone snap of even expensive DSLRs are superior. Digiscoping, so the photography with a spotting scope, the compact design of smartphones is a great advantage. For nature observers, a good spotting scope is part of the basic equipment for every excursion. It is obvious… Read more →

Google Daydream-Vr Works Also With Nexus 6 p – And Cardboard Holder Instead of An Official Headset

Although Google claims daydream runs only on pixel-phones: c’t has installed the virtual-reality system on a nexus 6 p, the official headset was not even necessary. Even the controller can emulate himself with a second Smartphone. Google’s new virtual reality platform daydream runs contrary to the statement of the manufacturer’s available on other smartphones as pixels and pixels XL. In… Read more →

Huawei Mate 9 In The Test: Nougat Phablet With Dual Camera

The Phablet 5.9 inch widescreen to expire the rank of competition with again faster processor and improved Leica dual camera. Mr Stefan Moellenhoff has the 5.9-inch device by techstage for almost two weeks in continuous use. Report to be here. Huawei had introduced a new high-end Smartphone with Android and 5.9-inch screen with the mate 9. The manufacturer on processor… Read more →